Travelling alone: expectations vs reality

Planning your first journey alone or thinking about it? I’m here to tell you the realities of flying solo in the big wide world!

When you are thinking about travelling alone the first thing you need to make sure is that you have enough money saved up to get where you want to go, because let’s be real, when you are camping on a beach in Italy you might not have an ATM machine let alone signal to call home – so find a safe place in your bag and stock up on any money you need.

When we scroll down our insta feeds, all we see is groups of people on mountain tops or swimming in the sea having the time of their lives. But, sometimes you will not make friends straight away, every hostel/hotel is different. So, try to be as social as possible and do not hold back, you might never see these people again or they might become friends for life!

People always seem to go on a super emotional journey when they travel alone, and they come back really “knowing themselves”. But, if you’ve never been alone for that amount of time you might get sick of yourself and find yourself feeling really low. So, don’t forget to give yourself a reality check, look around you and realise where you are, it’s not easy being alone so don’t beat yourself up about it!

When we are given a new lease of life and freedom we may want to go wild, drink up and party and why should we not? Just remember, when you are alone in a new place and have one too many, you do not have your best pals to rub your back and hold your hair. Do not cut out partying altogether, just be aware of your surroundings and travel safe.

Travelling alone does not have to mean backpacking, hostels and showering once a month. This is a concept that most of us picture when someone tells us they are going travelling for the foreseeable future. But, for luxury items lovers there is a still quick fix! The term travelling does not mean consistently, it does not mean hostel and it certainly does not require limited showering! If living it o’natural is not for you, and to ensure you are having the best time everywhere you go, and, in a hotel you love, do your research!

Find the best deals out there and travel to one country at a time, you do not need to hop from place to place to see the world, take your time and do it your way!

Has this helped you prepare or decide to go it solo? Why not pick your first destination and check out the best deals on now! What are you waiting for?